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Disclosure rules are pretty simple on BFF

The disclosure rules are pretty simple on British Beauty Blogger / BBB.

  1. BFF sent complimentary products regularly in our role as a blogger.
  2. BFF use deep links via an affiliate site (Affiliate Windows/Reward Style) on some posts which means that should you buy via that link BFF/other writers will receive a small percentage of that sale. BFF occasionally use Affiliate Links in on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. these are clearly marked *AL.
  3. BFF do not, and never have, posted positive reviews in exchange for product or other incentives. If a post is sponsored it will be clearly marked as such.
  4. There is absolutely nothing that guarantees a positive review. Products are reviewed as BFF find them. BFF do not accept sponsorship or advertising on products that I have nothing positive or useful to say about. BFF turn down more requests for sponsorship and advertising than BFF accept.
  5. BFF accept a limited amount of advertising in my side bar – these are carefully selected by BFF company for appropriateness to the BFF audience.
  6. BFF do not make any charges to organically review, photograph, Tweet, Vine or Instagram beauty products.
  7. Some of the BFF, posts are scheduled. Otherwise, they are almost exclusively written and posted in real-time.
  8. While the BFF site needs to make revenue in order for me to blog more and write for main stream print less, the over-riding remit of BFF is be a place of honesty and integrity for people who love to hear more tips about beauty, fitness, food, travel, photography and many other categories listed on the website. To feel secure that what they read is a genuine and useful product review.
  9. As an update to recent concerns about what a ‘consultancy’ means, it can

Further, any opinions and views that are expressed here are purely individual opinions.


Email addresses mentioned in the comment form will always be used for privacy and never be used for spamming or sold to anyone.


We love comments, but any comments which are abusive, spread hatred, are racial, or in any way hurting anyone’s opinions will never be entertained. We keep our comments moderated to maintain the integrity of individuals. We reserve all rights to accept or reject comments.

Advertisement Policy

We use third party advertising companies to serve advertisement. Some of them, like AdSense, use the DART cookie to serve advertisements based on a user’s interest and previous interactions. A user can always opt out of the DART cookie settings by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

If you have any further queries please contact us on hello@beautyfitnessfood.com

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